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The ability to communicate with others is a key component to any successful online community and Saywire has several options to choose from. One of the key foundations to the communication tools available in Saywire is that you’ll always know who you’re communicating with. By not allowing nicknames or handles and building your community’s population based on authorized members only, you’ll enjoy the freedom of communicating with others in a safe and secure environment that promotes accountability and integrity.


Just like email, send and received messages, organize them by creating folders, attach files from your desk, and send to multiple people using Groups. Because there’s no mail server, eNotes provide guaranteed communication for individual, groups of people, entire schools or organizations, and beyond with one click. Monitoring features are optionally available.

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Live Chats

Create chat-rooms for real-time conversation or schedule them to be available during certain ours of the day. Transcripts for the entire chat can be sent via eNotes for later review.

Saywall Messages

Post messages to people’s Saywall around your community. Perfect for giving accolades or brief messages, all Saywall posts must be approved by the wall’s owner before they will be published.

Discussion Boards

Any time somebody runs into a problem or has a question, they can create or comment on discussion boards which informs every member of the Learning Space that a new question or comment has been made.

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