Helping You
Collaborate With Others

Saywire features a variety of built-in tools which are useful for collaborating throughout the Saywire community. Regardless of whether you are writing a document, starting a discussion, or uploading files, you’ll find it easy to create, upload, embed, and share content around your community.

Robust Content Editor

Our content editor makes it easy to format text, including the size, color, font, and alignment. Easily insert pictures, embed videos and other content, or add hyperlinks to other web pages on the Internet. For those who know a little HTML, you can create more complex layouts with our HTML editor.

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Accessing Your Content

Organize uploaded files, photos, or audio and video clips, as well as documents created in your desk with our custom desk folders. Access your content anywhere in the app for use with wikis, discussions, bulletin boards, eNotes, and more. Because Saywire is a web-based solution, you can access your desk from anywhere with a connection the internet, eliminating the need for flash drives or sending files back and forth with email.

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Wikis allow multiple people to work on the same document by adding text, embedding audio or videos, or linking to content on the web. Use our revision history to review/restore previous edits.


Whether you want to create a personal journal to keep track of thoughts or ideas, or you want to open up a discussion with members of your community, blogs are a great way to get the conversation started!


Threads fuse the best of blogs and wikis together. Enjoy nested comments and the ability to edit your comments, giving a unique vertical and horizontal dimension to the discussion.

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