Building Scalable
Learning Communities

Community Overview

Regardless of what the focus of your learning activities might be, Saywire’s online learning platform offers unparalleled flexibility for creating dynamic and engaging communities for sharing knowledge. Saywire communities come chocked full of useful tools to assist in communication, writing activities, and for sharing content, thoughts, and ideas with others.

Creating a new Learning Space

Our unique “communities within a community” approach starts with our individual learning environments called Spaces. Saywire’s Spaces let you quickly and easily build your own environment for instruction, collaborating on a project, sharing documents, or just to connect with other members. Each Space comes with a host of built-in tools to choose from allowing you to create a unique environment conducive to your curriculum or activity.

Adding members to a community

Once your Space is all set up (which takes only a few minutes), you can add specific people or publish your Space to the Commons for other members of your community to find. Our Groups feature makes it a breeze to manage the members of your Spaces and also provides a one-click process to communicate with members of your Spaces using eNotes.

Creating a community

As members of your community create their own Spaces, you can use the Commons to browse through or search for other Spaces of interest. Our handy built-in search tool makes it easy to find content created by other people in your community (or communities you’re connected to) using a simple keyword search. You can also limit your search to a specific activity such as blogs or wikis, it’s up to you. Once you find a Space you’re interested in, you can request a subscription from the owner to get involved (for more information on joining Spaces, read about Subscriptions).

Creating a community

Sometimes you’ll want to collaborate with people outside of your school or organization, such as in a school district or national association. With our Community Group feature, you can network unlimited Saywire communities together, forming a network of trusted environments that can span a district, state, country, and beyond. Community Groups make communicating and/or collaborating with people of varying numbers and locations a quick and effective process with results you can see almost immediately.

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