Online Learning

Engage your learners with rich, dynamic environments for individual, group, and project-based learning activities with Saywire’s revolutionary knowledge sharing platform. From simple blogs to elaborate networks of embedded learning communities, our built-in tools put the power to communicate, collaborate, and create/share content right at your fingertips – all behind the safety and security of our award-winning platform.

Ready When
You Are

Saywire makes it easy to access people, projects, discussions and more in a safe online environment designed to nurture the learning process.

Online All the Time

Our cloud-based solution gives you 24/7 access to the projects, files and discussions before, during and after face-to-face interaction, making Saywire perfect for blending or distance learning.

Choose Your Device

Access Saywire from just about any device with a browser (and internet connection) including tablets and smart phones, making Saywire perfect for those environments where students bring their own devices.

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Powerful Tools to
Stay Informed

Create a blog, edit a wiki, post a comment on a discussion board, plan a meeting online. These are all things you can do right inside the Saywire community platform. With so many possibilities, it’s important that you keep up with what’s happening in your community, which is why every member’s account comes with the following:


The Dashboard is a real-time display of your involvement in the community and can be customized to display information clusters called Panels. These panels can be ordered in any way you like and can be turned on and off as needed.


The Calendar displays both personal events and those created in the Learning Spaces and Course that you subscribe to. Additionally, community-wide events will show up here as well.

Activity Wires

Similar to RSS feeds, Activity Wires display recent activity from people and places around the community that you’re connected to.

Communicate safely with eNotes

Worried about using email or other social media to communicate with your colleagues, classmates, or students? Don’t be. Saywire’s eNote messages are 100% safe from spam, work just like email, and eliminate the headache and overhead of an email server. Format text, embed videos, create links and add attachments with ease. Need more control? Check out our eNote Monitor feature.

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Browse the

It’s easy to create and share content in Saywire, but it’s also important to make it easy for people to find it – which is why we’ve created the Commons. You’ll find directories for Learning Spaces, blogs, multimedia galleries and plenty of resources in our new Resource Center, making the Commons the focal point of Saywire learning communities.

The Commons

Learning Space Directory

Browse through a list of all of the Learning Spaces in your community organized by category. Each Learning Space is represented by a Space Badge, which displays the owner’s profile information and the Space’s subscription/accessibility settings.

Finding Content

Browse directories to find content that people in your community have published or use our built-in search engine to quickly find discussions, blogs, learning spaces and more.

Resource Center (new!)

Search through our list of trusted resource partners or add your own resources for members of your community to utilize. For more information and a complete list of resource partners, read the Partners page.

The Power of Learning Spaces

Create powerful and engaging learning environments with Saywire’s Learning Spaces. Whether you’re new to collaborating online or a seasoned pro, you’ll find Learning Spaces to be a breeze to setup and use. Choose from a variety of built-in tools to create the right environment for individual, group, or community-wide learning projects. For more information on Learning Spaces, check out the Learning Spaces page.

Structured Learning with Courses

For a more structured approach to learning, use our Course Builder. Create lessons, discussions, assignments, upload files and more to build a Course Template. Once you’ve built your Template, you can publish as many instances of your course to yourself or to other educators in your community. Courses are a big time saver and a great way to insure you’re complying with standards and objectives in your curriculum.

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Customize Your

Not everybody approaches the learning process the same way, which is why we’ve designed the Saywire platform to accommodate each member on an individual basis. By customizing things like Profile Pages, Dashboards, Learning Spaces, or Courses, each member can design their environment to maximize their time and get the most out of the tools they choose to use in their learning activities.

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Your Content

With Saywire, you have complete control over who has access to the files, conversations, or content that you create within the community. Additionally, things like personal blogs and Learning Spaces each have their own publication settings giving you control over who has access to them.


As you browse the community, you’ll come across Learning Spaces or blogs that you’d like to take part in. You can join these conversations or projects by requesting a subscription.

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Collaborate With

Every member in Saywire is represented by their first and last name along with a profile photo, grade or title, and the name of the community in which they reside. This greatly reduces incidents of bullying and inappropriate behavior online while promoting individual responsibility and accountability. Every post, comment, edit, or message comes with this user information in the form of a profile badge, which is linked to the person’s profile page so you can always see who you’re working with.

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Connect Multiple

While each Saywire community is a stand-alone, fully functioning community, if you have more than one campus or different geographic locations you can create multiple Saywire communities and connect them together to form a Community Group. This allows members from one community to ‘jump’ to another community to safely communicate or work together on projects. This also makes mass communication and distribution of materials a piece of cake with our eBlast and Groups features.

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