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Below you’ll find some material that we’ve put together to help empower you with new knowledge about online learning communities, the Saywire platform, and developing trends in social and education technology. Enjoy!

21st Century Learning Objectives Rubric

Learn how you can assess student application of 21st century skills with our groundbreaking 21st Century Learning Objectives Rubric developed by Dr. Kari Stubbs. The performance targets outlined in the proficient column of the rubric have been triangulated to represent levels defined and expected by the International Society for Technology in Education’s NETS-S 2007, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework, and the American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st Century Learner.

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Connections for Learning: Schools and the Educational Use of Social Networking

This paper will define and examine the attributes of social networking, describe some of its
current manifestations, and address popular adult concerns about its use. An action plan for
schools, based on research studies and experiential reports, is proposed. The plan suggests
appropriate uses for social networking tools in fostering 21st century skills by creating learning
communities where knowledge is created by students and teachers together and where students
take responsibility for their individual learning.

Download the Connections for Learning White Paper

Social Technology in Education Map

See how the tools in Saywire help build a solid foundation for preparing people to be proficient in social and professional networks. This map shows the intersection of tools within Saywire, how they meet industry standards, and how they relate to real-world applications.

Download the Social Technologies in Education Map


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