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We Know Learning

Dedicated to making a difference in education and understanding the learning process itself, our company strives to apply our knowledge and experience to help people flourish in a collaborative environment for both synchronous and asynchronous learning activities. In addition to working with schools, districts, and organizations across the United States, we’ve also contributed to some amazing projects over the last few years. From providing a community to an inner-city middle school in Atlanta as part of a study in providing wireless access to students, to working with adults learning English as a second language in El Salvador, to connecting a national organization with over 150,000 members in 36 states in a way they never thought possible, our commitment to providing the best possible environments to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge continues be our number one priority.

As a company, we’ve been designing and building online learning communities for almost a decade. Our goal has always been to work with teachers, students, and administrators to design tools that easily adapt to any curriculum and empower people to become better learners. What started out as a simple site for teachers and students to archive pictures and media files has evolved into a full scale, self-contained learning community.

Our experience has given us a clear understanding of how to effectively integrate social and collaborative technologies with the learning process. We invite you to give us a call and let us show you the next generation of online learning.


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