Helping You
Go Green

Going green is on everyone’s mind these days, as reducing our footprint on the environment is something that we all need to be working towards. Saywire is a great way to go green on a grand scale. Not only can Saywire assist your school or organization in your efforts to go green, using Saywire can actually save you money in the process!

How much can you save?

Based on a cross examination of data from our existing communities, we have put together a formula to show you the impact Saywire can have on your community and the environment when used correctly.

Saywire Going Green Calculator

This data comes from compiling averages of schools and communities where member activity is greater than 80% of the total population. These numbers do not include the amount of paper you can save by uploading and distributing documents such as Word files or PowerPoint through Saywire. Adding the amount of paper you can save by electronically distributing documents through Saywire to the projected numbers generated from our calculator above will dramatically increase the potential savings. Going green has never been so easy!


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